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The initiation of a technique…

© Mande, Atelier Singulier (Joyeuse, Ardèche), 2020

I frequently lead themed workshops in Ardèche. The workshops are for all levels, from beginners to advanced. I always find it enriching to discuss my artworks, and to demonstrate to the trainees how I develop my paintings. I am very enthusiastic about the idea of inspiring a new passion among beginners. While with more advanced watercolourists, I like to take them on a journey towards abstraction, the impalpable and poetic.

All courses will be published on this page and on social media networks, or by e-mail for those who have subscribed to the newsletter.

Produced with my trainees. The idea here was to work on large deserted areas, that’s why the theme of glaciers was chosen. The idea behind this type of course is to enable the trainees to let go, to favour the imagination, to leave room for randomness and to observe the effects caused by the alchemy of pigments-water-paper.

I also offer courses on request in Ardèche or in neighbouring departments. So please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the option that interests you.

© Mande, Initiation à l’aquarelle au Village d’Artisans d’Art (Vallon pont d’Arc, Ardèche), 2020

New courses this Autumn in Salavas (Ardèche) in partnership with the ceramist Anne Lise Roussy.

Both passionate, we wish to make you discover these two techniques, watercolour and ceramics on a day of initiation in a friendly atmosphere and in small groups.

You will approach one technique per half-day.

Equipment is provided for both practices. Those who wish to bring their own watercolour equipment can do so. It is always preferable to work with your own brushes.

Lunch will be provided upon reservation.